Hey everyone!

So, I would like to educate anyone interested in the new technologies associated with Biomimetic Dentistry.  Now, you are probably wondering … “what in the world is that?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  In short, it’s the future of dentistry and will throw traditional dentistry out the window.

How do you like the idea of eliminating all crowns and root canals?  Does that sound nice?  I mean having either a crown or a root canal is expensive business; the worst part of it is: It doesn’t last forever.  On average, one would need to have work done on a crown about every 5 to 6 years.  Doesn’t that seem sort of time-consuming (not to mention you don’t want to spend half your life working out dentistry bills; right?)  Well, I have a solution for you: Biomimetic Dentistry.

To disect the word, Biomimetic basically means “mimicing life”  (bio=life & mimetic=mimicing)  Again, tersly said, this sort of dentistry is making a tooth mimic life in various ways.  It is so smart, and you would be surprised that tradional dentistry has been in practice for all these years.

So, you know that when the dentist tells you that you need a crown, not only is that expensive, but that’s trouble.  The procedure when preparing a crown is you drill off all the tooth so that it looks like a stub.  Literally everything (including the tooth that was just fine) is drilled off.

Even though my own personal dream is to become a dentist, this is nasty.  In shorter words, this is wrong.

So, how doe this Biomimetic Dentistry change everything?  What is done to a tooth to become “biomimetic?”

Now, at this point, I have to introduce one item of bad news; if you have had a crown, then the tooth that you would like to have redone is gone.  There simply isn’t anything that can be done once a tooth has been murdered (oops… did I say that? Hmm…)

Next, think of all the teeth in your mouth that have silver fillings.  Think about all the things you have been hearing on the news about that silver amalgam and how it might potentially be linked to autoimmune diseases (not proven yet…).  What if you could get rid of those fillings and make your teeth biomimetic, therefore extending the life of your teeth and having a healthy lifestyle?

Now, the lucky part of the deal is; now you can.  You can get rid of all those silver fillings and have them last many many many more years.  Another advantage to this miracle dentistry is: now your tooth is sealed off and there is no chance of getting an infection in your pulp chamber (therefore preventing a root canal and the list goes on from there).  This dentistry is very conservative.  The idea is also that you fix any cracks, etc from a tooth before they become a huge catastrophic problem.

I want to quickly bring one point out to tell you that I think is quite relevant.  When dentists establish a practice, they are required by law to dispose of the amalgam (silver filling material)  correctly.  Here is a link that will help you better understand the “amalgam separators”: http://www.ada.org/prof/resources/topics/amalgam_bmp.asp

Anyways, so the dentist is required by law to dispose of it in the right manner.  If he/she doesn’t then they can receive a pretty hefty fine and be thrown in jail (in certain cases).  Isn’t it funny that the silver amalgam is so toxic and hazardous, yet we have it placed in our mouths?  Hmm… just something to think about….

Now, I’ve been putting together the website that will provide all the information you and thousands of others will need.  It will also serve as a place for dentists who are interested in “converting” their practices too.  The third purpose of this site will be for those who have taken this course so far.  They will be able to log in under a secure connection and access files that are priceless.  So far, we have spent just under $12,000 on just this site alone and getting all this research put together.

To give you a little idea about the research behind this, my employer, Dr. David S. Alleman, D.D.S. (a graduate of the University of the Pacific ) has dedicated countless hours of his life and just under 20 years to improving the world of dentistry.  He along with many other dentists have come together to help others and not themselves.  There are very distinguished dentists on our team.  People like Simone Deliperi (from Italy), Ray Bertolotti, Randall Cohen, Howie Golan, Arnoud Noot, Gary Unterbrink, and many others have expressed their ideas from their research.  We have been corresponding with people from all over the world for several years now.  Currently, there are dentists practicing this dentistry in 34 states in the United States.  Because of all the research so far, Dr. Alleman, has come up with a course they teach all dentists who are interested.  Of course the patents are pending and such, but still this is a course that people dream of taking.

The courses are a total of three days and has many speakers (like the ones I listed above) and they break down this dentistry into six main lessons (developed by Dr. Alleman).  Just so you know, (and if you were interested) those six lessons are:

  1. Caries: DX & TX
  2. Structural Compromises
  3. Bonding to Dentin
  4. C-Factor DX & TX
  5. Bonding to Enamel
  6. Occlusion

Any dentist is more than willing to sign up for the course.  Starting next year, there will be a course taught each month.  As for the rest of this year (2009) there are only 2 more courses available.  If you are interested (or you know somebody who may be interested) then, you can email me (Brad, Research Assistant for Dr. Alleman) at: biomimeticdentistry@gmail.com

I will do everything I can to direct you to the right people and get you the information that you need.  I will also provide you with a form to fill out and I will personally give you a call if you would like more information.

To date, there are about 160 dentists who practice this dentistry in the whole world.  To give you a better perspective, there are around 170,00 dentists in just the United States.  Here are a couple pictures of some people who have taken the course:

Now, this is just something I’ve put together tonight and is very informal, but I promise you that this is where the future of dentistry is going.  There have been estimates that somewhere around 10% of all dentists in the United States will become Biomimetic Dentists within the next few years.  That’s huge!

I just want you to imagine your teeth, all sealed from infection, and healthy once again.  Just think of what you can do to make your dental care (and those you love around you) better.  Just think of the possibilities and that you are literally extending the life of your teeth for many more years.  In a short and easy of way of saying things, you are basically reducing the chances of having to get dentures (and if you have to get them, you are putting that off for at least 20 years).  Really this is smart and I would encourage you to contact your local dentist and tell them of this program.

Once I get the master website up (which can be found at biomimeticdentistry.net) you may search in your area for a Biomimetic Dentist.  Ask them questions and see how you can really bring clarity to your dental health.  You seriously will wonder why in the world people haven’t practiced this dentistry all along.  In the meantime (before I get this site up soon) you may visit toothconservingdentistry.com to learn a little more about what this is.  This is a rough draft of the actual site we hope.

I hope you have learned something from this and I hope you help your family, friends, and neighbors learn from this too.  One other thing I need to mention is that once things get going, I won’t be able to personally talk to everyone who is interested in this dentistry.  Currently, I will let people fill out the forms to contact us (and I will call you back when I have a second), but in the future, it will be the responsibility of the nearest Biomimetic Dentist in your area to educate those interested in learning more.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the greatest luck in all your endeavors.

Best reguards,